Exterior inspection

Exterior Inspection


Top Notch Home Inspector, Inc. evaluate the following exterior features: driveways, walkways, fences, gates, handrails, guardrails, yard walls, carports, patio covers, decks, building walls, fascia and trim, balconies, doors, windows, lights, and outlets. Each of these items is inspected not only for its condition, but how it relates to the dwelling.  However, we do not evaluate any detached structures, such as storage sheds and stables, and we do not water test or evaluate subterranean drainage systems or any mechanical or remotely controlled components, such as driveway gates. Also, we do not evaluate landscape components, such as trees, shrubs, fountains, ponds, statuary, pottery, fire pits, patio fans, heat lamps, and decorative or low-voltage lighting. Defects in exterior components such as the siding or windows can greatly affect other components of the home. The exterior of the building is designed to protect the interior components from mother nature.

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