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Chicago Condominium

Chicago Condo Inspection

When buying a new or old Condominium " Condo" in Chicago or the suburbs of chicago IL, they all  have problems. Some are not so serious – others can be deal breakers. Top notch Home inspector, Inc. will help you figure out the difference and can prevent you from making a costly mistake. Hidden defects which are revealed can usually be addressed before you close the deal, leaving you more comfortable with your purchase. It can also save you hundreds of dollars in repair work – more than covering the cost of the inspection itself.

Some of the systems that are addressed in a condo inspection include:


The Apartment style Condominium  is a “Interior Only” inspection. For the most part this is all that the home owner is responsible for when owning a condo. The other external items, roof/crawl space/attic/siding/etc, are covered by the dues paid into the Homeowners Association, but this may not always the case so refer to your HOA guidelines.

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