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The furnace filter needs to be changed

It time to change your air filter on your furnace 

   Your force air furnace needs to stay clean. The A Coil  ( evaporator coil) needs to be free of debris so air can pass through allowing to cool or heat the house. If the coil gets clogged it is a very expensive to have clean, because the furnace in many cases needs to be remove to have access to the under side of the coil.

Evaporator coil

Deck Inspection

Inspecting a Deck

by Nick Gromicko

Changing the HVAC Filter

Homeowner Maintenance: Changing the HVAC Filter

by Nick Gromicko and Kate Tarasenko

Venting the bathroom vent the right way

I recently inspected a home that the bathroom exhaust fan was vented to the plumbing vent in the attic

exhaust fan vented to the pumping vent

Is your dishwasher installed properly?

Dishwasher drain hose


GE Recalls Front Load Washers Due to Injury Hazard




U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


Ice damming on your roof

Ice dams on the roof

Ice damming, happens when snow melt to fast on the roof, and refreezes at the bottom of the roof The melting snow that refreezes, and works its way back up the roof getting under shingles allowing water enter the home causing damage to the interior.

Ice damming with no ventilation   Some of the reasons that cause ice damming is the attic is to warm

Keeping your Septic System working

    Addison, septic system, Bensenville


Ten simple steps you can take to keep your septic system working properly.

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